About Us

Iranian Atlas Construction Companies Group (Private Joint Stock Company) was established in 1986 with the purpose of doing industrial and productive activities and has continued its efforts in this field considering the country's need to promote the qualities and to accelerate the speed of construction projects via reorganization and concentrating on investment in building industry.

Doing activities in macroeconomic areas, particularly in national and international dimensions, demands founding expansive organizations containing various activities in numerous aspects: Hence, in order to exert optimal management and control over specialized sub-companies, the company has attempted to make appropriate use of the resulted advantages from holding companies such as utilizing common profits of the companies, sharing capabilities, thrift resources, reducing risks, flexibility ,quick and logical reaction  against environmental changes etc. 
According to this approach, the company managers through having a recognition of the business value chain and establishing companies like Shiva Atlas Design and Thought Consultant Engineers Company in the field of designing, and Atlas-e-Iranian civil company which is responsible for Holding's executive activities of developmental projects and Iran Atlas Kish that works in the field of market study, marketing, and sales engineering, have paved the way for decreasing risks as a result of synergy among the sub-companies.  
In order to follow some of its projects expertly and more effectively, Iranian Atlas Construction Companies Group has started establishing companies such as "Setareye Atlas-e Pars" the executive of Atlas Plaza project, "Bagh Ferdos-e Iranian" the executive of Atlas Mall project and "Setareye Arman-e Toos" the executive of Arman massive project in Mashhad. It is worth saying that each of the projects being done by this company is evaluated as one of the outstanding projects of the country in subjects such as extent, meeting all the international standards as the most recent internal rules and regulations like national regulations bylaw of building, the rate of investment, design quality, retrofitting, styling, the materials resistance and quality, financing approaches, and speed and quality of executing.       


"Bagh Ferdos-e Iranian" Company (the executive of Atlas Mall Project):

"Bagh Ferdos-e Iranian" Company (Private Joint Stock Co.) was registered in 2010 with the purpose of following Iranian Atlas Co.'s new goals and policies. This company, like other project-companies of Iranian Atlas Group is run by the board of directors and CEO and other personnel of the company are the executive factors of the CEO's policies as the main policy-maker.
Bagh Ferdos-e Iranian, as the executive of Atlas Mall Project is responsible for all the executive activities related to the project such as selecting contractors, controlling, coordination and control of the project's executive operations and providing its needs from inside and outside of the company.    



IAK Investment Company (the exclusive executive of marketing management, sales and after sales services of Atlas Mall Project)

Iran Atlas Kish Investment Company was registered in 2006 and Iranian Atlas is the owner of its entire shares. The company's major activities are presenting design services and doing advertising process, market studies and selling big building projects. Implementing and performing maintenance system and repairing are among its other activities and also, through using the central answering system, it is looking for the possibility of recording the clients' information and leading the callers automatically by a 5-digit phone number 28320. 
IAK, by founding Atlas Mall sales office on the project location, has undertaken the responsibility of marketing, guiding and consulting the applicants, contacting for selling the project's units and in future maintenance and after-selling services of Atlas Mall. 

Shiva Atlas Design and Thought Consultant Engineers Company (the Atlas Mall consultant and controlling system)

 Shiva Atlas Design and Thought Consultant Engineers Company, focusing on presenting services in different areas of designing and controlling and also design management, was registered in 2010 and Iranian Atlas is the owner of its entire shares.
The first and second stages of study services and control over executing Atlas Mall Project are being done by Shiva Atlas Design and Thought Consultant Engineers Company.